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Geared Rope Machines

Geared rope machines are a step up in performance from the Meyer machine. Naturally, the price climbs accordingly. These machines are for the serious ropemaker who wants to reduce the amount of time spent cranking.

The red Rope Master line of geared rope machines has been closed out of production.

Use the Contact Us page to inquire about current pricing on these machines and the configuration of interest.

The Bradshaw is for smaller diameter cordage, from scale model rope to half, maybe 5/8 inch diameter applications, up to a medium lay hardness. The machine was designed to be mounted on a hand held drill, with the drill moving relative to a swiveling hook at a fixed location. However, it can be set up on a workstand with a hand crank, to work like other rope machines, in craft or small shop operations. One turn of the input shaft turns the strand hooks two times. The machine housing is presently manufactured in 4, or 6 strand shaft/hook configurations, about a three inch circle. The housing and gears aredelrin plastic while the shafting and strand hooks are stainless steel.

Bradshaw 2015 Configuration 4 Strand Rope Machine

Bradshaw 2015 Configuration 6 Strand Rope Machine

The 2015 Bradshaw rope machine head is slightly smaller in diameter than the Pre-2015 machine versions (2). The strand shaft parts are not compatible with the respective parts of the other configurations. Parts for the Pre-2015 configurations are in limited supply from Bradshaw and would be a special order.

Pre-2015 4 Strand Configuration

Pre-2015 6 Strand Configuration