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Meyer Hookarms

Hookarms - New Casting! These hookarms can be mounted in a housing of your construction. The headstock should be 3/4 to 1 1/8 inch thick. The handle plate a nominal 3/4 inch thick. A triangular mounting pattern for three strand, a square for four strand, and a hexagon for six strand machines. Hooks need to be positioned (shaft centered) at least 3 inches apart to prevent hitting each other. The arm in aluminum is a part number MH1. The yellow brass version is part number MH2.

The hookarm's shaft diameter is 0.385" nominal diameter, as cast. Plan to drill at holes in headstock and handle plate at 13/32". Use a sacraficial backing board when drilling to prevent headstock tearout on the backside.

Alternatively, file or sand the hookarm shafts down below 3/8" diameter to use standard 3/8" drill hole. This version hookarm can be retrofit to an existing Meyer machine if the round shafting parts are filed down tto the diameter of the original part.

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