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Hooked Strand Shafts

Use these strand shaft hooks for making your own geared or chain driven rope machine! The machine can be hand cranked or driven with a motor. Whatever you design! Available in either 3/8's or half inch nominal diameter, with a ten inch straight shaft behind the hook. Popular rope machine configurations are three hooks in a triangle pattern, four in a diamond or square configuration, or six in a hexagon. The hooks can be mounted at any distance apart greater than the hook width. Add pillow blocks or bearings to support the strand shafts and allow easy turning. The chain or gear connection between strand shafts ensures each strand shaft turns in unison with the rest of the strand shafts. Use one shaft as the entry point for the hand or motor power connection that turns the rope machine. Use trimmed off strand shafting to mount intermediate gears or pulleys for turning speed management.

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